1. Educational support and management consultancy
  • Clarification of Institutional Vision, Mission, Strategic Objectives, Activities, Structures, Systems and Operational Guidelines.
  • Institutional conflict resolution and consensus building by helping institutions to identify sources of conflicts and to develop the necessary understanding and skills needed to work through problems among staff and other stakeholders.
  • Organisational Assessment, Strategic thinking, policy formulation and strategic planning
  • Inducting Boards of Governors, Parents Teachers Associations, staff and student leaders.
  • Development of interview guides including recruitment, training in best practices for retention and maintenance of staff
  • Training of schools staff in best curriculum delivery practices for improved academic performance ie Supporting Result Oriented Management (ROM).
  • Designing of programs that help learners improve in performance to achieve their academic goals
  • Mentoring and coaching of individuals and teams of personnel
  • Leadership skills, self-management and entrepreneurship skills (personal attitude, life purpose and values)
  • Team building processes to increase morale, better communication skills and higher levels of enthusiasm for continuous improvement
  • Ethics and Integrity
  • Stress recognition and stress management
  • Emotional Intelligence and employment resilience
  1. Career Guidance and Counselling

In enhancing the personal and group capacity to achieve your desired goals, ARESU provides the following services:

  • Equipping students with the information, tools and techniques necessary to achieve their defined goals.
  • Facilitating the youth to access good teachers through programs like the science clinic.
  • Mentoring of youth and redirecting their life paths including helping them to identify and define their life goals
  • Evaluation of students’ achievement against desired goals and professions for purposes of guidance.
  • Facilitating individuals to clarify their life purpose, talents and qualities
  • Helping Individuals to recognize and manage stress
  • Providing health and fitness guidance
  1. Computer training, repairs and maintenance
  • Providing computer training to the youth in the required skills for further education and employment opportunities.
  • Providing computer servicing and maintenance repairs for institution and individuals
  • Helping companies, organisations and individuals to acquire better quality computers, their accessories and other electronics through our expert personnel.
  • Designing of high impact computer based programs for business and organisations monitoring and evaluation
  1. Research Services
  • We write research proposals
  • We design research tools
  • We analysis data using appropriate computer software programs.
  • We carry out surveys on your behalf and write the survey reports

This we do with a participatory approach to facilitate your understanding of your own survey and its results. Our research experts navigate you through the research to satisfaction.

  1. Science clinics
  2. Helping students to build concepts in Science subjects to facilitate their understanding of the subjects
  3. Sourcing for Qualified Competent Science Teachers for Schools.
  4. Non Formal Skills Training
  5. Hands on Computer application, Maintenance and servicing knowledge and skills
  6. Motor vehicle and cycle repair
  7. Tailoring and garment cutting
  8. Hair dressing and beauty care
  9. Painting and decoration
  10. Welding and fabrication
  11. Building and concrete practice




Just like a gardener uses a hoe, axe, panga and other tools in the garden, we use participatory tools and techniques when working with our clients. We have core skills in facilitating meetings, workshops and report writing. We offer a state of the art services tailored to customer value. Our advisory services are memorable value additions.